Workshops / Events


To understand and experience how the elements are vitally important to our health, sense of well-being, personal awareness, life force and soul energies.


A workshop based on the 5 elemental energies in Bon Soul Healing. Participants will experience the healing affect of becoming more conscious of how these elements exist within us as well as around us. These elements are part of our life force and soul energies. To become more connected to them and to balance them is to invite healing and transformation. Physical healing, emotional release and shifting inner poisons like anger, attachment, jealousy, pride and ignorance into inner wisdoms such as equanimity, openness, self awareness and all pervasiveness are all part of this healing modality. These are the foundation for spiritual transformation. Participants will receive written material and practical exercises for each element so that they can be used in an ongoing healing process. To augment the healing process meditations and healing images are also available for each element. There will be time for personal writing and group sharing. The workshop will include Bon prayers and mantras, establishing a sacred environment in which to work. Participants are asked to bring:

  • A journal, pen
  • Something to represent one of the elements
  • A sacred object


It is possible to schedule a healing ceremony after the workshop. These are usually from 8-10pm on the same day as the workshop. This process involves requests for healing and the bringing in of each of the 5 elemental energies for participants to experience directly.

Please contact Marsha directly for more information or to schedule a workshop, ceremony or personal healing session.

Workshops: 10am-6pm (125.00 pp)

Evening healing ceremony: 8-10pm (40.00 pp)

Personal sessions: $160 (2 hrs).  $95 (1 hr)

Marsha Stonehouse, Healer and Artist Marsha has studied and practiced Theravada Buddhist meditation for over 20 years and has explored and practiced shamanism, tai chi, kundalini yoga and many mind/body modalities. Her healing practice includes an ancient Tibetan energy work; Bon Soul Healing (Tse Dup Yang Bod). She has studied this healing practice with Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche, a Lama from Menri Monastery in India. Marsha was part of the first class in the West that was taught this practice. She is one of the few healers practicing this work in Canada. She will be offering individual healing treatments and a post conference workshop.

Conference Session: Bon Soul Healing: Ancient Tibetan wisdom for modern healing
Sat 9 – 11:30 am

This presentation will give a cultural and energetic description of an ancient and sacred healing practice from the Bonpo culture, the Indigenous spiritual tradition of Tibet. This energy healing practice has been passed down for over 17,000 years. It encompasses sacred healing practices that were once considered protected by Tibetan Lamas. It has only been brought to the west in the last decade. It teaches that the 5 elements; fire, water, air, earth and space are alive forces pervading and underlying all existence; that our soul is composed of their subtle qualities: that they are found both within our bodies and in the environment around us: that these elements are the energetic undercurrent that form and affect the physical world, including our own bodies; that they each form as aspect of our life force and spiritual essence.

Post Conference Workshop: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Space
Sun 9 am – 3:30 pm

During this workshop you will:

  • experience each elemental energy as a force within you
  • learn sacred mantras for healing
  • practice meditations for healing imbalances
  • use sacred sound syllables for transformation of inner blockages
  • create balance through learning how to transform negative mind states into inner wisdom
  • recognize where your soul and life force energies are balanced and unbalanced