What I Do

Bon Soul Healing is a powerful and profound healing system that works on a deep level to transform inner poisons into wisdom restoring the soul qualities of: love, joy, compassion, peace … a foundation for spiritual awakening.

This energy medicine comes from an unbroken Tibetan lineage in the Bon Tradition, which is the original indigenous spiritual tradition of Tibet. It is a complete energetic healing system for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components of human life. It engages the healing energies of the 5 elements – air, fire, water, earth, space … to replenish lost, and depleted life force and soul energies. The soul is composed of subtle qualities of these elements.

Our life force and soul energies can be depleted and scattered due to stress, burn out, past trauma and an unhealthy lifestyle. Indications can be depression, addiction, feeling of disconnection from oneself and one’s life, feeling dispirited and losing our connection to the natural world.