Coming for a treatment

The treatment will begin with clients having a short discussion with Marsha to determine their needs and thus the direction of the treatment. When the necessary element(s) are decided the client will move to a massage table. Treatments are done fully clothed, lying down or sitting if preferred by the client.

Creating sacred space. Marsha will begin the treatment with a ritual calling in of the elemental energies. She will use mantras and prayers to invoke the sacred energies of each element. A tape of chanting by her teacher, Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche  (chant master from Menri monastery, India) can be used to further deepen the sacred energy of the session.

As the treatment proceeds, Marsha will call in each elemental energy as needed and work directly with that energy in hands on healing. This can be done either on or above the body. During this process sacred mantras may be chanted to support the healing energies. This aspect of the healing takes approx. 45 min. At the end of the energy healing a prayer will be used to close the sacred space and dedicate these energies to all sentient beings

After the energy treatment is complete, there will be time to talk with Marsha about the experience and process any related feelings.

Three treatments are suggested to best benefit from this work. A divination process can be done to determine the outcome of the healing.

  • Distance healing in this modality can be very affective.
  • Location: Toronto Healing Arts Centre, 470 Grace St., Studio #7
  • (Grace St. runs south from Bloor St. at Christie)
  • Private healing sessions, $160.00 (2 hrs.​)​ ​, $95.00 (1 hr.)​
  • Healing circles: small groups of under 10 people where each person receives some healing energy  $40.00 per person (approx. 2 hours)
  • to book a session contact Marsha at 416-835-6003 or

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