These are comments from people who have benefitted from my work

Marsha is a gifted and extremely sensitive healer and I found her compassionate nature to be so conducive to healing even before we began the session. I like that she takes time to really understand you – an in depth history of what your issues are as well as what work you have done before. As a long time meditator, I found her own in-depth meditation practice combines so beautifully with the Bon Soul Healing work and I was impressed with her always staying in touch between sessions to see how things are shifting and moving.

I have rarely worked with anyone who is so attuned and sensitive at a deep level and, as such, trusted her insights and work implicitly.

Mary Ann Archer, Toronto, July 2017
Marsha serves as an attuned channel of pure presence. With Bon, Marsha’s spiritual depth and formal training seamlessly intersect with ease, grace, skill, and wisdom in ways for her to open doors of spiritual healing at diverse and subtle levels.Marsha, I still feel that I am releasing something at all of an emotional, spiritual, energetic, and even physical level. Bone and muscle realignments (including related snap, crackle, pop sounds 🙂 ) are being felt and heard at various times, especially after my morning spiritual practices. Inside I literally feel an old energy is being released and a new born (the proverbial “something has shifted”). Now, whatever that all means in the moment is what is the attempt at being understood.
Tom Esakin, Vancouver
I have been well since our last treatment. I have felt a shift since then. I have been more mindful, less reactive and more aware. I actually felt during our last treatment that I got some piece of myself back that I had lost. I definitely feel a profound difference since that day. I will look at my schedule and get back to you to set up another appointment. And thank you again Marsha. I’m reading about mindfulness & meditation; now I just need to shift that into action/practice.
Stefanie Schaedel, Vancouver
Since our last session I have felt a shift for sure. I’m easily letting go of many past identifications that are not serving me. Since feelings and beliefs are coming into my awareness without the emotional triggers being as acute I am dropping all kinds of stuff as my path is clearing. The space this letting go has created has opened me up to my creative side again and I set up my easel ready to play.
Beandra Nassar, Vancouver
Dear Marsha, Your treatment was a WOW. I am undergoing deep, deep physical and emotional release. In fact part of me is lost in this whole process. You did excellent work. I am so pleased we scheduled a healing session. Marsha’s healing website is www.bonsoulhealing.com. The web site below is her art website and if you look at her paintings you will be able to obtain a glimpse of her energy, which in my opinion is very beautiful (marshastonehouse.com). I personally worked with her in Toronto and found her work very powerful, gentle and sensitive.
Anne Da Nada, B.C.
Marsha, since my Reiki 1 attunement I have had great experiences interacting with people. It’s incredible how my intuition led me to you :)). Something has been lifted from my system. I have been giving treatments to my friends and relatives, not forgetting my cat and getting positive feedback .I am looking forward to taking the Reiki level 11 session with you. I am so thankful that you showed up as my teacher in my life.
Mary Carere, Toronto
I had a Reiki treatment with Marsha last week and it was amazing. She is a very gifted healer. I had been feeling physically tired, and out of sorts and dealing with some emotional issues.I was grieving the death of my sister. During the treatment I went into a deep state of relaxation. I felt the tension drain out of my body and my mind was very clear and relaxed. After the treatment I felt revived and balanced. Marsha’s ability to channel energy and healing has made a huge difference. She is one of the most compassionate and caring people I know. She brings all her many healing skills to her treatments.I highly recommend her. Thank you Marsha, for sharing your gifts.
Barbara Burke, Toronto
My experience of Bon Soul Healing with Marsha was incredibly profound. We were able to access and heal very deep levels of myself that no other healing modality addresses, our relationship with the very elements of our being. Marsha holds such a powerful, deep and compassionate space for healing to occur. Her wisdom and care poured through during the healing session and I felt my body and soul remember how to restore balance and beauty. Much gratitude!
Catherine Malone, healer, British Columbia
Marsha Stonehouse is a gifted healer.  When a day of intense trauma destroyed my perspective and robbed me of my soul, her spiritual and healing wisdom restored me. During another treatment for an ankle injury, she provided not only relief and physical comfort but led me to a deep level of relaxation where my body was able to heal.
Jane Stephens, writer, Toronto
Marsha, What is interesting is that I find after my treatment I am much more aware of how I am being impacted by things. For example, instead of just feeling stressed, I am able to be more of an observer and see how it is affecting my mind and body.  It is all super interesting and it will be neat to see how this continues to manifest itself. Thanks again for everything, these sessions are having a great impact on my life and I can hardly wait to have my third one when I get back in town.
Rose Z., lawyer, Toronto
I have done a number of spiritual healing practices over several years and found the Tibetan energy work that I did with Marsha Stonehouse and Fran Harwood to be profound. This work evoked the deep longing of my soul and I found as I moved through my week between sessions I could not act in ways that were not aligned with this deep intention. I became one with the deep knowing and wisdom of my essence. I highly recommend this work to anyone who wishes to rest in and operate from that deep inner place of wisdom.
Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, Toronto
Marsha.  I’ve always loved your treatments.  I feel respected, cared for, and in some way I feel that you create an environment where my body heals itself, where it can relax and settle and I come home to a deeper aspect of myself.
Donald Eckler, meditation teacher, Toronto
A few years ago, I had pulled my lower back muscles and was in considerable pain with limited mobility. I had previously experienced Marsha’s work through different Reiki treatments she had given me, which had always left me feeling energized and relaxed. Now with my troubling back pain and having tried various massage treatments, I returned to Marsha for a Bon Soul Healing treatment to see if that would help. When the session began with the opening chants, I immediately sunk into a deeper state of awareness and realized that this session would be working on levels beyond the musculature. As she worked on me, I could feel something stirring within me that was quite unlike other treatments. By the end, I intuitively felt that some part of my soul had been retrieved, and that I had been reconnected within my spirit. Yes, my pain was relieved, but more importantly, my lower back and the trauma I had held there was released. That was 3 years ago, and my back has been pain-free and spasm-free since. Marsha’s calming presence and skillful mastery of this ancient tradition is remarkable and I am grateful for her dedication in bringing this practice to the community in Toronto and beyond.
Wende Bartley, composer, Toronto