Bon Soul Healing Rituals

To honour and engage the healing energies of the 5 elements

Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Space

Clearing obstacles to inner peace, reclaiming the soul and life force essence, connecting to the elements within you, creating a foundation for spiritual awakening

Shifting inner poisons into inner wisdoms…..anger, attachment, jealousy, pride, ignorance can be transformed into an all pervasive sense of well-being or joy, equality, openness, generosity, self awareness. Each element carries the healing energy to create these changes

…… Just attending the ritual in itself brings a healing effect

Personal and group healing through the life forces of the 5 elements


Sacred space is created. The energy of each element is brought into the sacred circle. Mantras, prayers and sacred sound syllables from the Bonpo tradition provide healing energy. Participants engage in visualizations and meditations to further deepen the healing process. More information can be provided upon request.

The Tibetan people traditionally view the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space as pervading all of life and as the essential components of our entire worldly existence. The soul (la) is said to be composed of these elements at a very subtle level — and it is believed that a traumatic event or other shock can cause an individual to lose connection with the soul and become dispirited.

 The ancient shamanic rites of soul retrieval (la gu) and life-force retrieval (tse gu) from the Mother Tantra of the Bon tradition are methods of calling on the living essence of the elements — the elemental spirits — to balance and heal the individual. 

Through ritual and meditation practice, one can learn to overcome negative influences and bring back the positive qualities that are missing or reinforce the qualities that are weakened in themselves or in others. The positive qualities of love, compassion, peace and equanimity are aspects of our soul. Cultivating these personal qualities creates healing and serves as a foundation for spiritual awakening.

Upcoming rituals will be listed on this website. All rituals are located in Toronto unless listed otherwise.

Space clearing:

This energy work can be used to clear unwanted energies in your work space or living space.

Marsha will consult with you first and then visit the space to perform a clearing ritual.

Cost ranges from $125.00- $350.00 depending on the size of space and time required.


Upcoming rituals will be listed on this website. All rituals are located in Toronto unless listed otherwise.


Talks, Workshops, Rituals, Private Healing Sessions
Host an event in your city…
A weekend:
Friday evening talk: introductory talk based on the Bon Soul Healing work
Saturday workshop: working with the 5 elements for personal healing, awareness
Saturday evening ritual: healing with the 5 elements
Sunday/Monday: private healing sessions

These can be booked individually or in combination:

  • a ritual
  • a workshop
  • 2 or more days of healing sessions
  • an introductory talk can be combined with any one of these programs

Please contact Marsha for more information and to book a date.