Bon Soul Healing

water, air, fire, earth, space

Bon Soul Healing
Tse Dup Yang Bod

This energy medicine comes from an unbroken Tibetan lineage in the Bon Tradition, the original indigenous spiritual tradition of Tibet. It is a complete energetic healing system for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components of human life. Its foundation is based on compassion for all living beings, and the recognition that suffering and ones mental and physical well being can be affected by many forms of obstacles which can be related to energetic imbalances.


Healer     Artist      Educator

Marsha has studied and practiced Theravada Buddhist meditation for over 20 years and has explored and practiced shamanism, tai chi, kundalini yoga and many mind/body modalities. She is a Reiki master and Drup Shenpa (healer in the Tibetan tradition).

Her healing practice includes Reiki and an ancient Tibetan energy work; Bon Soul Healing   (Tse Dup Yang  Bod). She has studied this healing practice with Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche, a Lama from Menri Monastery in India who is now based in New York.